Frequently Asked Questions

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On the conduct and spirit of the forum
On the workshops.
During the forum.
With, in italics, some quotes from Alberto Segrera

On the conduct and spirit of the forum
The spirit of the forum
The forum is a gathering of people around the values of the ACP
The main thing will be the spontaneous emergence of what will be experienced in the here and now and in the meeting of people
Responsibility, freedom, equality of participants and co-creation
Arrival and departure times of the forum
The reception in Dourdan (access to the rooms in particular) will take place on Monday 30 September from 2pm. The official opening of the forum will be at 5pm.
The forum will end on Saturday, October 5 at 12:30 pm. (Please note that the rooms must be vacated by 10am, with the possibility of leaving the luggage on site)
The different times of the forum?
The community group will meet every morning to close the night and open the day and every late afternoon to close the day and open the night every day. It gathers all the participants of the forum who wish to go there.
An opening meeting of the community group will take place on Monday afternoon and another, of closing, will take place on Saturday morning.

Workshops: seminars, small groups, experiential workshops, conferences etc. will be proposed by the participants. They take place during the day and possibly also in the evening, from Tuesday to Friday inclusive

Informal times: at the bar, in the park, in the corridors, in the dining room, or else-where...

A festive evening will be organized by the host country with the participation of all. Initiatives are welcome!
Is the forum a meeting group?
No, even if, during the week, meeting groups can be proposed on an ad hoc or regular basis by the participants.
Participants will of course meet during this forum, and in particular within the framework of the Community Group, designed to deal with matters of interest to us. Moreover, during the meetings of the Community Group, everyone is at the same level, there are no designated facilitators.
"When we designate, we divide the participants... This establishes two levels. And we insisted from the beginning that we are all at the same level, that we are responsible at the same level for what is happening. " (Alberto Segrara)
Is the forum a symposium?
No, no, no, no, no! The PCA forum is not a meeting of specialists gathered around a theme.
However, the PCA is a place to share knowledge but also personal experiences. It provides an opportunity for everyone to present their thoughts and personal work to the community.
Is there a pre-established conference program?
No. The purpose of the steering committee is not to organise the holding of seminars and to choose particular speakers. Everyone is free to anticipate and prepare possible workshops, but it is at the time of the forum that everyone will make their proposals and that participants will register
Why is the stay only available in residential?
The idea is that we live in community, that's the essential element. One way of saying it is that for 24 hours on 6 days, we do life together " (Alberto Segrara)

Living the Forum in a residential setting is an integral part of the experience. It is therefore not possible to participate in the forum during a single day, or by staying outside.
However, everyone remains free to participate in the community group, workshops and what is proposed.
Participants are free to leave the Forum, and visit the surroundings without this being a responsibility of the committee.
However, a meeting point will probably be offered to those who so wish, in Paris intramural during the weekend preceding the forum.
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On the workshops.
I want to propose a workshop, how is it going?
A table will be available to participants: everyone will be able to note their workshop or seminar proposals, which will allow those who wish to register.
Workshop times will be 45 or 90 minutes.
A space on the site will probably be set up in the coming weeks to be able to announce its proposals in advance.
Where will the workshops take place?
Three or four rooms, each with a capacity of up to 80 people, will be available to participants. In some cases, it may be possible for two workshops to take place concurrently.
Should I bring equipment for my workshop?
Each room has a video projector.
If you need other basic materials, please let us know. We will see if we can provide them to you, but we encourage you to bring your own equipment.
What types of workshops can be offered?
Workshops, conferences, presentations of work, research results, personal questions to reflect together, sharing of practices, etc.
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During the forum.
What is the role of the steering committee?
establish the basic conditions for people to come together in community. Once convened, it is up to the Community to take its own decisions.
How are the days going?
A timetable will soon be proposed for the consultation
What languages are used?
Although French and English will probably be the most commonly used languages (an English/French translator will be present at the community group meetings), everyone will be able to express themselves in their own language. Mutual assistance between participants, in the spirit of the forum, will facilitate communication across language barriers.
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